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Birthdate:Jan 14
Location:Fremont, Michigan, United States of America


Female Ruin

"I am the queen of mosquitos.
I am the queen of raw milk
and the stems of glasses.
I am the queen of batik
and new pine needles growing
out of the cold. The queen of
phone cords and the roots of
river names and those little things
they stick on the ribs of the lamb
before bringing it to the table--
paper frills. I am the queen of
ice cubes that stay in the tray
and the triangle all children
pick to play when they march.
The new moon loves me.
And all my subjects have disappeared."

--Mary Ruefle

"My hard formal dreams will be able to overlap you
My destiny with the gold tank will be your beautiful rock
Which for reins will hold tended to frenzy
My worms, the paragons of any poetry."


"Who Killed Amanda Palmer" Video Series - Part 4: Runs In The Family from Amanda Palmer on Vimeo.

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